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Yes, i think it's a good idea to make medical analysis. (thanks for that suggestion)
One more question please: I've bought shea butter(unrefined, grade A)for i've read about it through the internet that it's very good for hair and skin..Now I don't know how to use it , what shall i do ?

Hi Flower, to be honest, I donít think thereís very much you can do wrong with shea butter. Itís an extremely good moisturiser.  I would use it sparingly on your hair and perhaps infrequently as it may build up and leave your hair a little greasy but on the skin, it can only do  good really.

Thereís quite a lot on the internet about it if you wanted to research its origin and other possible effects, such as aiding with joint pain and helping you breathe more easily.

Take care, Claire x  

Beauty And Cosmetic Procedures

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