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QUESTION: is there a way to make my lips naturally red\rosy?

ANSWER: Hi there Flower, thank you for your question.

I canít think of a way of doing this naturally but there are ways of getting a natural looking tint to the lips.

The most obvious one is lip-stick.  There are such a different range of colours and formulas for getting the lips to the exact shade that you want them.  Iíd perhaps recommend asking your local cosmetic counter to advise you on what suits your colouring best. Lip-liner also helps to define and bring out the colour of the lips.

Semi-permanent make-up uses tattooing techniques to blush the lips. This would save you applying it every day as it lasts for about 5 years. Again, this is in a range of colours and really emphasises the colour of the lips.

Lastly, injectable dermal fillers can increase the size of the lips, giving you more visibility of them.  The same result can be achieved on a more temporary basis with lip plumpers too.

I hope that helps but please come back to me if I havenít understood or answered your question well enough.

Take care, Claire x.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: yes,actually i was wondering if there's a way to have red or rose lips without make-up,,maybe simple recipe or something else,,I thought that maybe eating beet helps but in fact I didn't see any change.
I'm thin although i really eat much food!
So being thin means pale,that's why I was searching for a way to have at least red lips,cheeks.

ANSWER: Hi again Flower, to be honest, I can't think of anything that is natural that will work for anything longer than a few minutes. Also it is likely to stain the rest of your mouth as well as the lips if you eat something of a bright colour.  I've even checked food colouring, thinking you might be able to use that with a small brush but it is patchy and is also made of chemicals which I know you're keen to avoid.

I'm sorry not to have been able to help you more on this one.

Take care and I hope you find something that works well for you.

Claire x

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: No problem about this one,n thanks for being helpful (^_^)
I have another question please,
I saw in your profile that you can also help with body shape, May you help me to put on wight? A sort of food plan that you recommend , particular exercise, etc.

Hi Flower, do you know, you are the first lady Iíve ever known who has wanted to put weight on. (Smile) the rest of us would give a good deal of money to be able to stay slim without having to watch what we eat and have exhausting exercise programmes. Haha!

However, to answer your question.  The answer is not to eat until you burst or have a diet of cream cakes and chocolate but to look at eating more protein and increasing your calorie in-take whilst still eating healthily.

Forgive me, I donít know what you can buy in Egypt but here in London there are many different protein and calorie booster drinks that you mix up at home and add to your existing diet.  Body builders tend to use them but I believe that they would work for you too.

Adding healthy high-calorie foods such as sun-flower seeds and nuts also help along with a diet including fresh fruit and vegetables and lean meats.  

Please think if thereís anything in your life that causes you stress. Sometimes we burn up energy with worrying about things.  Also perhaps maybe talk to your doctor in case there is a medical reason, such as over-active thyroid that might be causing you not to put on weight.  Iím not a medical professional so please donít take that as any sort of diagnosis but itís always best to check with a doctor to make sure everything is ok.

I hope that helps.

Take care; itís been lovely talking to you,

Claire x  

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