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I have light brown eyes but I would really love it if my eyes were even lighter or a more hazel color is there a way besides colored contacts to brighten or lighten your eyes that's safe and natural???? I have heard rumors about putting honey in your eye would you suggest this?

Hi Sienna, goodness me no, please  donít put honey in your eyes.  It will have absolutely no effect on your eye colour at all and may be very sticky or sting and be uncomfortable.

As you say the coloured contacts are the best way of achieving this although you can use make-up to try and emphasise the colour.  For example, using contrast.  If you use a darker brown eye shadow, for example, itíll make your eyes look lighter.  Or if you use a contrasting colour, such as a green shade, it will also make your eyes look a brighter  browny/hazel.

The best suggestion I have is to buy a pallet of browns and greens, try them out at home and see which colour you feel suits you the best.

Clothing also brings out the colour of your eyes so again, have a go with some silk scarves or different coloured tops and see which colours give you the effect youíre looking for.

I hope that helps,

Take care, Claire x

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