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Hi Claire!
I am a 19 year old female with A LOT of self esteem issues.. And your profile made me feel like you were probably one of the best people to ask about some of my questions.
First off, lately I have been notice that my face is pretty darn asymmetrical and I hate that! I know everyone is asymmetrical to a point, but my asymmetries seem to stick out like a sore thumb, at least to me. Mainly my eyes, one is a decent amount smaller than the other.. Do you know of any exercises that helps with asymmetry? Or maybe any make-up tricks? Anything to even just make it a little less obvious would be great!
Second.. I struggle with acne, on my face and chest mainly. Do you have any good methods to get rid of acne/acne scarring? Would you use the same method for both facial acne and body acne?
The third and final question I'll ask you is do you have any ways that help you or people you may know of that can give a little boost to your self confidence? Whether it be a certain facial, hair tricks, or make up.. Whatever! Just anything that may help make me feel more beautiful and love myself.
Thank you in advance for any help you give me!

Hi there Madison, thank you so much for your question. I hope I am someone that can help you, if only because I once felt exactly the way you do. Iíll take your question in the 3 parts so as to try not to miss out anything.

I donít know of any exercises that help with faces that arenít the same on both sides. Without knowing what you look like exactly, I can only go on your words in your email but I would ask that you consider a potential difference between how you see yourself and how others may see you.  If people point you out in the street and stand and look at you in an unflattering way, then it might be that you could talk to a doctor about having cosmetic or plastic surgery.  However, Iím not recommending this to you because Iím guessing that people donít point you out as not very nice looking because you are really lovely. The same unsure voices that niggled at me in my teenage years are troubling you.  Self-doubt is something that a lot of young women have but just because we have those thoughts, doesnít mean that they are correct.  

With make-up you can highlight the eyes and change the appearance by putting lighter colours to make the eye look bigger.  What worries me with suggesting this though is, by putting something different on each eye, you stand an even greater risk of drawing attention to any difference or even creating a difference where there isnít one.  

One other option is to have your hair in a style that flatters any difference you can see in your face.  Perhaps have your bangs to one side or the other then it might draw attention away from your eyes and towards your obviously deliberately a-symmetrically styled hair.   Please believe me though, no one will be looking as closely at you as you do in the mirror and so to other people, Iím sure you will appear beautiful and not one of them will ever have even thought that your eyes are different at all. Also, youíre so wonderfully young; you may find that your face changes as you get older so give your body time to develop.

With the Acne, itís a real pain isnít it.  Itís simply your body sorting out its hormones.  You can keep your skin clean and use a cleanser, if you havenít got lots of money for expensive brands, I find Witch-Hazel is good just dabbed on some cotton wool and wiped over the skin.  You can use this on your face and body, just be careful around your eyes. Itís no help to you now I know but they will go in a few years time.  All you can do now is keep them clean and, when you need too, use make-up such as foundation or  concealer on special occasions when you have to look extra fabulous.  Please make-sure to wash make-up off when you get back home though.

The last part is most difficult because itís such a personal thing. Itís also one of the great ironies of life that, at an age when you are too young to have the confidence to believe in yourself, you are at one of the most beautiful times of your life.  I promise you there are women in there 30s 40s 50s and 60s who would give the world to look like you do now.  You may feel frustrated with the acne that troubles you but your skin is so beautifully toned and your hair is so full of lustre and you look so perfect now that women will be passing you by in the street and wishing they could be you.  No amount of anti-wrinkle creams or conditioning treatments can ever create what you have now.

If you can, Iíd be really grateful if you would think of 3 things that are really beautiful about yourself.  You can either write back to me and tell me what they are or just write them down and keep them in a safe place.  Then, you can look at how to make the very best of them.  Perhaps you have pretty hands and they would look great with some bright colour nail polish.  Perhaps some lipstick would draw attention to your nicely shaped mouth. Maybe you would feel a boost if you have some highlights in your hair.  Maybe a new perfume or a new style of clothes. Whatever you choose to focus on thatís beautiful about you though, donít let those thoughts that tell you you arenít pretty enough win you over because they are wrong.

Have a huge hug from me and thanks again for writing, take care of yourself, Claire x  

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