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Can you tell me how plastic surgeons remove bags from under eyes? My friend was telling me that they had this done, and I wasn't sure how they did it.

Thanks for your time.

Hi Jojo, thanks so much for your question.

There are so many different treatments for bags under the eyes.  The one thatís chosen depends on the cause of the bags and the personal preference of the individual.

Some bags are temporary and can be caused by lack of sleep, poor diet or stress.  A change in life-style can rectify these.  For example eating lots of fresh fruits, salads and vegetables, drinking more water and getting lots of sleep.

Some people will choose to have the skin under the eyes tightened by using a laser or specific acid to burn off the top layer of the skin.  This procedure is carried out by a qualified professional under local anaesthetic and you are then given hydrating cream which you apply under the eyes for 2 weeks following the treatment.

Some times dermal fillers are injected under the area to help plump up under the eyes.  This can also be offered with a separate treatment with Botox to get rid of any crows-feet around the eyes if the client wishes.

Lastly thereís surgery where the surgeon will remove tiny amounts of the skin around the eyes to tighten it.  This is usually carried out under a general anaesthetic and can include the eye-lid as well as the under-eye area.

There are also various different creams on the market containing moisturisers and caffeine that help to improve the appearance of bags under the eyes.  Some people even recommend certain brands of Hemroid creams although they are not designed for this purpose so should be used with caution.  

Make-up such as concealer and foundation can also help to cover over any darkening under the eyes and provide a more evenness to the skin.

The skin around the eyes is very thin and fragile so protecting it from the sun with a good sun-block cream is also recommended.

I hope that helps,

Take care, Claire x  

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