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Hi. I am 18 year old and from Pakistan.
The reason I am writing for is thaty facial skin is not equally fair. Few areas like those close to my ears and chin are darker than rest. There are also few pimple marks left. This makes my skin quite ugly. Plz help me. And regimen a home remedy for this?? And also is there any way to get rid of pimples??
Hooria khan


Hi Thanks for your question. Pigmentation problems are common and you do have a few options. If looking for a home remedy that uses only natural ingredients, lemon applied to the face will lighten the skin, however, be aware that the time taken to see results vary and can take quite a while. You can also look in your local pharmacy and see what lightening treatments they have or see your doctor about obtaining some pigmentation creams to use.

PLEASE NOTE: There is no 'CURE' - all these treatments require ongoing use, should you stop using the treatment, the pigmentation will return, so it requires a commitment from you to decide to maintain the treatment.

Pimples are common and frustrating for many! Making sure you regularly clean your skin - both morning and night will help and the use of an astringent may help when you are breaking out. I am not sure if you are male or female, but for females, your cycle can play a massive part on your pimple development and there are options for some contraceptive use to help with this as well as using Vitamin A treatment options for severe acne - speak with your doctor to see if these would be suitable for you. Additionally, maintaining a healthy diet with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables help and try adding Zinc into your diet, either through food or as a supplement.

Hope this has been helpful, have a great day!

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