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I am a Mechanical Engineering student at Brigham Young University in Utah. My Senior project team is working on improving a beehive design for a company in Africa. I have been tasked with learning about the materials used for housing bees. What specific material characteristics are required of the hive to make it the most desirable living space for the bees? Are there material characteristics that are known to irritate/repel or especially attract the bees? For example, I would imagine that some polymers would let off fumes that would be offensive to the bees. Anything you can offer would be very useful. Thank you!

The hive consists of wooden frames with a wax foundation. The frames are stored parallel to each other in a bee box. The wood for the frame should ideally be Eastern Pine since it is a more durable wood. You can either buy wax sheets for the foundation or make them yourself. Here is a link on how to make wax foundation sheets:

Also, you can get some ideas from this beekeeping supply website: Miller Bee Supply.

Bees will precisely position their hives as seen on some of these pictures here:

Hope this helps some. Good luck with your project.  


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