what available methods are there for removing a bee hive in the chimney stack without paying money, if possible. I believe survivors from a hive I found underneath a bush near my front door have relocated to my chimney. they are only using a hole on the outside, but vacuuming out the fireplace overnight may upset the hive. I want to avoid paying a large amount of money to remove it if possible.

If the hive is accessible without needing to cutout any siding or brick, then the bees can be removed inexpensively. A bulk of the price will come from having to cut into your structure, if necessary.

It sounds like the bees are entering your chimney through a small hole and nesting inside a void.

When the hive is accessible you have two options: live bee removal or extermination. A live bee removal will capture the bees alive using a specialized bee vacuum and they are usually transported to an apiary. A live bee removal can be done in most situations depending on the behavior and location of the colony. When a live removal is not viable, an extermination can get the job done.

An extermination does not require cutting into your structure to remove the bees unless there is honeycomb present. Naturally, an extermination will usually be less expensive than a live removal and cutting into a structure since it's less labor intensive.

Regardless of your bee removal option, I recommended choosing someone that is licensed and insured so you are protected from any home damage or injuries that may occur during a removal.

Most states require to be licensed to use pesticides for exterminations.  


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