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I want to start bee hive as a hobby and for some homemade honey. I have the space but i also have next door neighbors with kids. I dont want the kids to get hurt if one of the bees wanders off into their yard. It is a suburban setting so its not extremly close. I was wondering if its possibly to purchase a 10x15 ft green house and out the bee hive in the corner and plant flowers throught the green house for the bees. The green house would make it possible to contain the bees so they wont be able to wander off. Thanks in advance.


Unfortunately, honeybees do not fair well in greenhouses. They can become disoriented and try to get towards any light especially where there is glass. Also, if your goal is to extract the honey from the hive, you will need a very large greenhouse since plenty of pollen is needed to produce an decent amount of honey while still nurturing the colony.

However, urban beekeeping can be done and the trend is starting to grow. But first I would check this website about cities where beekeeping is illegal or contact the city that you currently reside about city zoning and ordinances for beekeeping.

Next, I would also discuss with your neighbors of your intentions and plans. This can prevent any awkward confrontations or resentments.

So if your in the clear from both parties, there are a variety of tactics you can implement to make it safe for everyone, including building a six foot fence around your property, adding a water source on property, and constant maintenance and observing of the hive.

This article covers all these topics on urban beekeeping and more to help you with your plans.

Let me know if you have any other questions. Good luck!



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