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I am wanting to start a top bar hive and I'm looking for some info on optimal hive designs as well as techniques to get started. Thanks

Hi Cory,
Thanks for your message. Interestingly I am looking at the same thing myself at the moment for Ireland.  I keep top bar hives in Kenya and love them.  I love the simplicity of top bar hive beekeeping.  There are differences in top bar hive beekeeping between the tropics and more temperate climates.  Top bar hive designs which work in the tropics will not necessarily work well elsewhere.  Also bee races are different which means top bar widths are different.  I am interested in trying top bars in my existing frame hives which are vertical rather than the horizontal top bar hives of the tropics.
There is a top bar hive expert in the US, Wyatt A. Mangum (Ph.D.) I recommend you read his website and possibly buy his book as a first step.  Good Luck! Tom


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