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segwik wrote at 2013-03-20 06:51:28
I too have associated headaches with beer consumption. For me it takes only one (or even only one/half) beer and within hours I end up with a nagging headache that can last for hours. Frankly I just quit drinking ber t all because I felt I couldn't tolerate any. Then one day while traveling in an area with known bad water, I had a beer for hydration. The next day I epiphany - I had a beer and no headache. I then happened to notice the beer I had was called a "lager". I have learned that in general when I only costume beers made in the lager (versus an "ale") style of fermentation I have had no such recurring headaches. Google lager vrs ale and you will learn more in that the yeasts used and the fermentation temperature are simply different. I hope maybe you will find like I did if I simply stick to simple pale in color lagers I don't have any follow-on headaches. Mind you, I never drink more than 2 beers anyway so alcohol hangovers were never the issue, just the style of beer fermentation. Good luck with this.


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