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Beer/Gluten intolarence


Hi Matt... I've been diagnosed with a gluten intolerance and I seem to be more and more sensitive as I age. I've done lots of research on non gluten beers on line in the recent months. I found a lot of web sites contradicting each other when it come to various beers made from rice... IE Budweiser... Sapporo.

Just looking for some feedback from someone with experience.


Hi Steph,

Are you looking to brew your own, or are you just looking for a good source for commercial gluten free beer?

I have to admit that from a purchasing standpoint, I can do no better than you can in terms of finding sources, and I'd do worse than you in testing them since I don't suffer from the intolerance.  So I'd go to some trusted gluten sites ( seemed like a reputable source and listed several promising leads... Bards is a beer I've had and liked.  But really, most exciting is that a new entirely gluten free brewery just opened up in your very own Ontario!  Get a Heady's and let me know if it's great:

A newspaper article I just read tells me that there are locations you can get it at Gabby's all over Toronto.

If you'd like to brew your own, you're going to want to experiment.  If you have experience brewing, then I'd say you're on firm ground to convert a recipe you love.  Read up on replacing malted barley with sorghum syrup (which is malted milo), and apparently some hops don't marry well with it, so read up there.  But other than that, I think you'll do fine.  If you're new to brewing, then check out a few basic brewing guides (I think Charles Papazian's "The Complete Joy of Home Brewing" is the easiest way to understand and get started).  Once you understand the process of brewing, you'll have to just try some gluten substitutions and see what happens.

Good luck!


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