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Beer/non alcoholic bottle carbonation


 Thank you so much already for taking to the time to look into my question! My buddy who has a problem with alcohol has asked me to try and brew a non alcoholic beer for him. After doing my own research I stumbled across this page and read some of the great answers that were given. I'm going to do a low temp in the oven distillation process basically to remove the alcohol. The remaining yeast will obviously be killed during this process. Is it possible to take some of the mid-way fermenting wort, save it, and after the distillation process and cooling of it, pitch the saved wort and bottle? If so, how much would I collect for the Kraeusening method?

Wow... interesting question.  There are three good options for carbonating your non-alcoholic beer.

1. For your Kraeusening method, reserve about 10% of the fermenting wort.  Keep it sealed and uncontaminated.

2. The easier (but more expensive) solution would be to artificially carbonate your beer.  If you brew your own pretty often, you might already be interested in kegging your beer.  If you have a keg then of course you could cook off the alcohol and then force-carbonate your beer.

3. Finally, you can just invest in priming sugar and new yeast when the time comes for bottling.

Obviously the resulting brew will have *some* alcohol, but if you are careful, any solution can be low enough to qualify as non- or low-alcohol.




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