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Hi, I am an avid beer drinker, Im looking for suggestions for good lager beers, I find myself tired of ales , I'm also interested in home brewershio. Can you tell me how to get started?

Hi Charles

this website should provide all your questions about home brewing,and how to get started

Most Lagers produced today are good lager beers.Your preference as to what a good lager is will be more what your taste buds prefer.American lagers are lighter in body ( not alcohol )somewhat less hoppy,and lighter in color.American brewing companies use an adjunct,along with malted barley,to produce their lagers.Almost all micro breweries ,do not use an adjunct,as well as most world wide brewing companies.The lagers produced by all malt tend to be a bit more filling.Those lagers are also more heavily hopped

any additional questions,I would be glad to answer



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I will answer questions about the brewing of beer,it`s process flow,quality control,and raw materials used in the brewing process.Brewing calculations, recipe formulations,and solving of brewing,fermenting, storage and finishing problems,will also be answered


41 years in the beer industry,with 20 years as Brewmaster;10 years as brewing Chemist

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