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I will be celebrating my birthday few weeks from now. I learn that Grove Spot
in Miami in Coconut Grove exactly provides great beers and drinks. Would you suggest a great drink that me and my friends would enjoy in a cheap price yet we could enjoy and get drunk? thanks! Justin


I am assuming that you will be in Miami?   The GroveSpot is probably not the cheapest place at which to get drunk.   They do have less expensive prices on beer during happy hour 4-8pm.  This means the on tap beers are less expensive.  Hard liquor drinks will be more expensive usually $5-6 a shot, with fruity mixed drinks being closer to $8-9 a glass.

You didn't say what kind of liquor you like.  If you have never had much alcohol, you probably want to stay away from the darker spirits, like whiskey.  If I had to recommend something I would say stay with beer to start.  Hard liquor can make some people sick, especially if they are not used to it.  In mixed drinks with juice or coke, beginners tend to drink it too quickly and get drunk too fast leading to them vomiting.  

If I have to recommend a beer to someone who does not like the bitterness in beer, I would recommend, Blue Moon, its a belgian style wheat beer and is not bitter but more fruity.  Any of the wheat beers, weissen beers, wit beers, are very similar, they just have different names.
They do not have the strong typical hoppy bitterness, but are more spicy and fruity.  They are a bit cloudy but that is natural for that style of beer.  Most good beer pubs have a number of them.  They generally range at around 5% alcohol by volume, which is nearly twice as strong as your typical Budweiser.  Plus they are a bit more carbonated which enhances the alcoholic affect.  So pour them in a glass so you don't swallow all the carbonation, which will limit the number of beers you can drink.  Happy birthday.


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