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Hi Matt - Glad that you mentioned glassware in your profile of expertise.
Here is a photo of my favorite glass for beer drinking - the last piece remaining after the others succumbed to gravity-based accidents one by one over the years.
I want to buy replacements, but no amount of internet image-searching has turned up this shape.
Can you tell me  at least what this shape is called, so I can search it textually? Better yet, can you identify the source?
Thanks for your attention.

Sam Adams Beer Glass
Sam Adams Beer Glass  
Hi Barry,

Sorry about my tardy reply, but I've been extremely busy with my launch of Beer AID®.

Now, I'm sure I've seen glasses like this before, but honestly can't remember exactly where. I have a personal collection of easily 500+ glasses and certainly don't have one of these.

But I'm not sure why, exactly, you'd love this glass style so much. While, to its credit, its got a  desirable wide mouth and big bowl, its "stem" necessitates holding at all times. With the volume of beer in the glass directly in contact with your hand, it's almost inviting warm beer. It's a big reason I always suggest glassware with simple glass stems.

That said, there is a very close approximation on the market now, and its distribution is wide enough, such that you can find it either locally, or online.

I hope this helps some. Good luck in your search!

Best Regards,

Matt Simpson
The Beer Sommelier®, LLC
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