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Hi Matt,
Is there a chart where one can look up a brand name beer and find out what the Bitterness, OG, Color, Malts and Hops are so I can try to make my own?
Example: Canadain Light Lager = Bitterness 12 IBU, OG 1.043-1.045,    Color Pale, Straw, Malts Pale, Wheat, Vienna   Hops Centennial for bittering, Hallertau for aroma. (What brand names fit this description?)
What would it be for Blue Moon, or Bud, or Sam Addams, etc.?
Thank you,

Hi Randy,

This is a great question. And the answer is...yes and no! But you may have to work a bit to piece together the puzzle.

While there is no specific guide or chart outlaying all the specs for every single beer in existence, there are two very helpful resources, that when combined, should give you much of the information you need to make those determinations by yourself.

First, is widely accepted as the most comprehensive craft beer database on the planet. It has literally hundreds of thousands of distinctly different beers, by every brewer actually selling their products. With that site, you can find a beer's commercial description, a.b.v., reviews, style and more.

You can then take all that information, reading between the lines using the member reviews (tasting notes can be incredibly useful), and go to your handy BJCP or Brewer's Association's GABF Style Guidelines. These guidelines (all found online) both have outlined just about every style known. And these styles all have specific parameters...including OG/FG, IBUs, a.b.v., malts/hops/yeasts used and water treatments.

Obviously, most brewers (as a rule, certainly with exceptions) really wish to keep their recipes as close to the vest as possible. But in my opinion, given all these data, one should be able to create a reasonable approximation of just about any beer. And frankly, I think the clone you'll make will be closer to the original, than just about any clone recipe book, or recipe in a magazine might offer.

Good luck!

Best Regards,


Matt Simpson
The Beer Sommelier ®, LLC
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