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Good day,
       I am an Indian citizen of 32 years old. I earn around INR 32,000 per month. Can you please suggest some investmeny plan which will not require a lot of attention as I work in 12 hours shifts. I am iust looking for moderate gains.

  Thank you for your question! I would suggest you look at ETF's (exchange traded funds). These operate like mutual funds but have lowers costs.   An etf that tracks a major stock market index would be very maintenance free, you would not have to do much except start up the account, and add more funds in the future if you wish.  A fund indexed to the S&P500 index would probably be the most appropriate.  I would also suggest a bond fund, also an etf.  Perhaps a US aggregate bond fund. This would be more stable and have less risk than any type of stock fund, although the returns would be lower. It depends upon how much risk you want to take in your investments: more risk with the potential for higher returns (but period where you will lose money) would be better with an S&P 500 indexed ETF. For more stable returns and less risk, an aggregate bond etf.

I hope this helps, please do not hesitate to follow up with me if I can offer anything additional.

Paul Henneman
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