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I'm thinking of investing ($5000)in a startup company.  It is going to be an indoor shooting range and "pro-shop" for firearms sales...  

(This is not homework by the way, the information was pulled straight from the business plan of the owners - thank you!)

I need help with the numbers. The Company is offering $250,000 investor equity (founderís shares) which equals 10% of the total business with the minimum investment amount of $2,500 which is equal to one share. The Company also needs $350,000 in loan guarantees due to the size of the loan, so we will offer Loan Guarantors a 1% stake (10 Shares) in the company for each $50,000 guaranteed on the Business Loan. Dividends will be paid annually to investors asa percentage of the Net Profit. Investors will be offered a chance to reinvest a percentage of their dividends to further expand the company as needed. The reinvestment, if needed, will be a percentage set at the annual shareholders meeting. Investors choosing not to reinvest will have their shares diluted.  My question is: If dividends are paid annually as a percentage of profits, roughly how much would I earn each year if I invested $5000 - based on these "estimated" profit earnings?     ---> Year 2015 =$217,065,  2016 = $240,950, 2017 =$265,953

I am meeting with the owners tomorrow, so any info asap would be appreciated!  Thank you!

  Did you receive my answer to this question?  I had replied to you several days ago, but just received an overdue notice that it is still pending.
  If you did not get my reply, please let me know and I can try again.

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