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Does the interest that a bond earns change once a bond investor has purchased a bond?  

For example, if an investor bought a bond earning 6%, would the 6% remain at 6% until the bond is sold?

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Typically, no.  If  you buy the bond of a company at a particular interest rate, that rate is fixed until maturity. The price of the bond (not the interest rate) will fluctuate as the value of the bond changes.
If you buy a bond fund, then yes, the interest rate you receive will change. A bond fund holds an entire portfolio of bonds, always adding and eliminating bonds. So if rates rise for example, the rate you receive from the find will rise as well. There is a lag, its not perfectly correlated, it depends on how quickly and the exact nature of the funds buying and selling strategy for bonds.

I don't like bonds currently. I do like bond funds, there are some good Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) like AGG that are general bond funds that track the overall bond markets.   Much less risky than purchasing individual bonds.

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