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Goodnight Ms. Ireland-Williams,
I am new to the site and am seeking your advice.
How do you suggest I deal with a few 4 year olds who continuously disrupt the class and distract their classmates while I am trying to deliver my lesson?


I have very little experience with 4 year olds but my advise is this:  

Be sure that you have and are consistently giving the children instruction in how you want them to behave..........not necessarily "follow the rules" but asking them what they think is good behavior in class.  

Model the behavior you want: choose a few well behaved students and have the class discuss what is appropriate and what is not (and why).

Move the misbehaving students closer to you in the room and when they are misbehaving, give them eye contact and choose a student with appropriate behavior and say "I like the way behaving...nice job".

Talk to the misbehaving students individually about your concern. When they do the right thing, praise them.

Call the parents and ask them to come into your class and assist you with their students

So often, small kids who are not used to a structured environment have adjustment problems and are acting like they have always acted w/o much supervision.  Reshaping their behavior takes time.

Best wishes!


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