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My son is 7 years old and in the second great. He is misbehaving in school he started the year great last year he was on top of everything on the honor roll all year long and in advanced second grade reading. I know that he loves learning and he loves to read with me and to do homework with mean is teacher is telling me that he's not doing any work at school nothing he is getting a very bad grade with both of his classes reading and home. he's being rude in acting very immature for his age screaming out of turn yelling throwing fits in school his teacher a product me and asked me to come school with him. I don't understand the big turn around can you please help me identify or help me fix something that is wrong. please get back to me on this situation thank you

Hello Crystal
Thank you for your question. I am sure you appreciate it is difficult to be sure of what is happening here. However generally when there is a change in behaviour like this it is important to try to find the event that occurred that caused the change- think back to when you first noticed the change and review what was happening in your son's life at that time. Can you think of anything that became different? And this could be something that you might have deemed insignificant at the time or you did not pay attention to then, not realising that it could be a trigger. You need to look at home and at school- anything major or minor that changed or happened for the first time. Though since his reactions seem to be to school and school work it is more likely that something changed in school. Has he had an experience with the teacher that he was not pleased with? Did he have an experience with classmates that upset him? It sounds like he is carrying some anger or frustration at something or someone and does not know how to release it appropriately.
If you are able to talk with him and he feels safe enough with him then spend some time with him trying to identify what has triggered him. Ask questions, but also listen well, encourage him to talk about what happened since he went into 2nd grade. Let him know that you are not angry with him, just concerned about his performance and want to help him to feel better and have a better time at school.
In some cases once the child has that space to express what is bothering him and he can tell that an adult cares and wants to help him work through it, and provide an alternative strategy to release the frustration, the behaviour will go back to what it was before.

Once you get a chance to find out from him what is the worry/fear/anxiety/frustration that he is carrying then we will be able to go further to help him deal with it.
So let me know if you need further help once you have crossed this step.
Hope this helps

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