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My grandson (age 3) wiggles and squirms around during story time at pre school.  The class sits on the carpet during this time.  Due to his squirming, teacher sits him in a chair.  I feel if he is not interrupting and is being quiet during this time, he should remain on the carpet with other kids.  This is only the 3rd week of pre school.  What do you suggest about this behavior?  Thanks for your time.

Hello Carol,
I tend to agree with you on this matter.  Perhaps the teacher should pick a more inter-active story to do with the children during story time.  By that, I mean a story that involves the children guessing the outcome, or what will happen next...or even a story that they can "chime along with."  Who stole the cookie, or Brown Bear, Brown Bear, or any "pattern" book works well with pre school children.
It is not at all uncommon for a pre-school child to be "squirming" around....even in a chair!  Your grandson should be allowed to remain on the carpet with the other children as long as he is not disruptive. Perhaps speaking with the teacher would help.  Find out exactly what this "squirming" behavior is and go from there.
I hope you are able to resolve this situation and I hope that your grandson enjoys his school experience!
Lynn McDermott
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