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Hello Mrs. Robb,

Due to some behavior issues and 3 suspensions this school year, the school will be holding an SST meeting to discuss my son (1st grade). I've been told by the principal that I cannot attend this meeting, but I feel that I should have that right. I have tried to do some research on this, but haven't been able to find anything that specifically states that parents have the right to be involved. We reside in Texas. The meeting is next week.

Thank you,

hello Renee
Thank you for your question. Unfortunately I cannot help you much. I am not from US and so will not want to guide you on US, and specifically what is the law in Texas regarding such an issue.
This may be a state guideline or even a school policy. You may have to try and get more direct information from the school's board or from the state education department, or even a lawyer if you think it will reach that stage.
Sorry I am not able to help

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