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Have you ever seen a child, that can read/write English better than most adults?

Hello, again,

I am a first grade teacher so I would have to say that I have seen children who could read and write better than some adults, but not most.

What I have seen is children who can act better than most adults, and that is quite sad.  This child that you have spoken of sounds quite special.  Brilliant children have a way of finding their path in life, thank goodness.

I'm happy to share with you any thing I have to offer.

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Marsha Cunningham


I counseled my students everyday about what to do if they got bullied, called names or felt depressed. I explained what these things do to our confidence and ability to learn.


We used drama to play act, on the spot, most adverse situations so that they could understand my explanations and practice correct behavior, and see what it felt like to be assertive toward bullies, or how it felt to be bullied.

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