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I am a European man living in the United States and if some body were to introduce a American women, that canít properly present her self abroad for the same reason US diplomats that work for the US State Department (US federal government) can, I will tell her that she is a piece of crap. She would be worth less than a piece of shit outside the United States. European man only like American women that can properly present them selves abroad for the same reason US diplomats that work for the US State Department (US federal government) can.


Please pardon me but your inquiry is a bit difficult to understand.  I take it that this is a different subject than your other letter.

Are you asking me if its alright to belittle someone for their lack of proper official manners?

I remember a story about a king who invited some guests to a dinner and one of them picked up his finger-bowl and began to drink from it.  (We don't use finger-bowls here, but I've heard that they are little bowls of water to wash you fingers in if they get greasy from handling the food.)
So, the gracious king, noticing the horrified looks on the faces of his other guests, picked up his finger-bowl as well, and began to drink from it-- and his loyal subjects all did the same--this of course was to make the visitor feel at home and to hide from the guest that he didn't know the correct manners for the king's table.

So, if this is what you are asking, I'd have to ask you if you want to be like the gracious king or the alarmed loyal subjects.

Also, there is a saying, that the people who act like they deserve love (respect, honor) least, are the ones who need it most.  Are you willing to love?  and to teach love? to be the very expression of perfect love that you so love in your human being?  The whole world would benefit from your example if you are willing to teach it, but they will not learn it with criticism.  Please be patient and understanding and it will benefit you as well.

My best to you, friend.

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I counseled my students everyday about what to do if they got bullied, called names or felt depressed. I explained what these things do to our confidence and ability to learn.


We used drama to play act, on the spot, most adverse situations so that they could understand my explanations and practice correct behavior, and see what it felt like to be assertive toward bullies, or how it felt to be bullied.

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