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QUESTION: What would happen, when a student from the UK writes a homework assignment in British English, using British spelling and grammar rules because he does not know American spelling and grammar rules. He can speak, read and write English better than most American adults, but speaks English with a thick British accent.

ANSWER: Dear Shimsionnul,

What should happen is that the teacher would recognize the spellings and punctuation as being British and respect them.

But tell me, what is the teacher doing or saying?  If the teacher is not respecting the difference than the parent should go and talk to the teacher about it.  If that gets no results than the parent could go to the principal of the school and tell them.

Marsha Cunningham

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Would most American teacher notice that, he spells color and harbor with a U? Should American teacher teach this person American spelling and grammar rules, yes or no?

If the person was living and working in the US, the teacher might show the American way of spelling the word, but if living abroad, they should not insist on the American spelling.  Maybe the teacher needs to be informed of the difference.  If the teacher is young, she may not know about the difference. I believe that both spellings are recognized as acceptable  in the US.
I found this on the internet:

Both types of spellings are acceptable, but my advice is to be consistent, i.e.  either use all British spellings, or all American ones.  (If you are taking an English exam, check in advance which spelling rules you should use)


If you're writing for British readers, you should only use British spellings. In one or two cases, the preferred American spellings are acceptable in British English as well, especially the -ize/-ization endings. While you can use both the -ise/-isation or the -ize/ization endings in British English, it's important to stick to one style or the other throughout the same piece of writing.

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