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What would happen when students make fun of a US born girl because she is a perception foreigner? Reason she is born in the United States but every body thinks she is born in her motherís native country Belgium and it is impossible for any body to tell that she is born in the United States (that is what adult European man tell her, that she likes), and she only speaks Dutch to her mother. That is because her mother raises her the same way she is raised. She is the best-behaved child of the entire school, and can speak/read/write English better than most American children. She gets along fine with the staff of the school, but does not get along well with the other students, 100 percent the fault of the other students. Every body knows that she has dual Belgium/US nationality.

This sounds to me like a classic case of bullying. It is important that this be handled quickly. I suggest a meeting with the child's teacher and the principal of the school as well as with the child's parents. The school should be notified that this child is being bullied. No child should be subjected to bullying in The United States. This meeting should take place as soon as possible. In the meantime , encourage the child to find one good friend. Perhaps a neighborhood friend or a child in her class. Being bullied  is very stressful to a child. Self-esteem is affected. The child may not want to go to school. This is not a healthy situation for anyone to be in. Please pay close attention to the Childs behaviors at this time. You did not tell me the age of the child but teenagers have been known to take bullying very seriously. I am hopeful that this meeting will take place quickly and that the child's parents will demand some kind of action be taken so that the bullying will stop.
I wish you much luck with the situation and I hope the child enjoy success for the rest of her career in school.

Lynn McDermott
Reading specialist

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