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hello!  I'm a a grarschool student and I just want to ask,  why their are some people (students) which have a excessive competitive nature? im just so irritated with some students that keeps asking me what my scores, grades are in the exams. i feel pressured when they keep doing that. what can i do?

Hi Gian,

Although this is not my area of expertise I will try and say something about it.  I don't know why some people are like this!  I only know that you can easily stay out of it by saying, in a light-hearted way, "Why are you asking?" and then give a big laugh and add, " We have better things than grades and scores to talk about, and far better to take up room in our minds.  Don't you want to spend your thoughts on progressive things that will make the world a better place to live?"  

In other words, change the subject and put the questions on them. I hope this helps and relieves you of the pressure.

Marsha Cunningham  

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I counseled my students everyday about what to do if they got bullied, called names or felt depressed. I explained what these things do to our confidence and ability to learn.


We used drama to play act, on the spot, most adverse situations so that they could understand my explanations and practice correct behavior, and see what it felt like to be assertive toward bullies, or how it felt to be bullied.

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