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Hi Deborah. I'm in my third year of high school, graduating early. I do a lot of work to improve myself in every way, every day. This includes mental processing ability and, specific to this topic,  proficiency in reading. This leads to my inquiry. Recently I made a connection between 1) questions on IQ tests that judge the ability to process rotational or symmetrical aspects of the object(s) shown, 2) my ability to read and write material that is turned to some degree or upside-down, and 4)my experience showing me that something is recognized and understood better as you consider it in more ways. With these three areas and others considered, I hypothesize that if children are taught| dimension early, and to recognize the letters, numbers and shapes at various degrees of rotation, such as they appear in various situations each every day, to recognize them when they have been reflected, and are taught to recognize that reflection represents the view from behind, such as it would appear on the side of a window opposite that on which it was written, and certain additional properties of the symbols that make up letters, numbers and shapes| at the same time that they learn to recognize them from the one "perfect" position that they are currently taught, and a similar approach is taken when learning to recreate these symbols (though I dare not predict the level of change that will occur when computers are fully integrated into the learning curriculum- perhaps writing will come second to more rapid language learning via technology,) then there would be an unprecedented increase in the reading ability of all those who were educated using these methods.
I have many ideas for education and curriculum, and these are just certain aspects that I have attempted to isolate into one area in order to ask my question. It is:
What are your ideas on what you have read thus far, and what are the steps I should take in achieving a higher level of education and adeptness in the field of discovering the most effective and ingenious teaching methods, and what steps should I take to present my ideas in the right places and to the right individuals?
One of the first steps I plan to take is to begin creating an intelligent, formal book that organizes my ideas, but first I need to know if they are original and if they seem to be geared in the right direction by a professional like you.
Any and all criticism on anything I have written is welcome, and desired. Please let me know if I was unclear in the organization of my ideas. I haven't rereread and considered this due to my anxiety to get it sent. If at all possible, please excuse this.

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I think your premise sounds interesting.  As a reading specialist, I work with children with all kinds of reading difficulties.  For a child who processes normally, it's not a big issue - but for children with difficulty processing, it could be.

I always tell my students to hold their text right side up so they can build brain-paths the are consistent.  In my experience, this is important.

My students, challenged and not, marvel at how I can read upside down, so they often try to mimic my behaviors and it doesn't take them long to learn how to do it ... but by then they read so well that it's just another step for them and doesn't seem to affect their overall reading comprehension one way or the other.

I used to 'cheat' on standardized tests that made you read a selection and then turn the booklet upside down to answer the questions.  I always quickly scanned the reversed text and found the correct answers.  

While I find your thoughts interesting, I'm not sure where it will lead.  You sound like you are more scientific than I am ... that you know how you would go about testing your ideas and building from there.  I think it would make for a great study, if you know how to do it.  I don't know how to even begin and don't think I would have the patience for it.

If you have a testing center where this can be done, and you keep detailed records, I'm sure there are people in the field of education who would find your study interesting.  Once you get several years down the road, you will need to write for some education journals and try to speak at education conferences.

Good luck to you.  I hope my answer was helpful.  I feel pretty inadequate since I don't do testing like that, but you sound like the fire is burning within you and I don't want to do anything to squelch it.  Would love to hear more as you move further forward.



I'm in the middle of report-card time and haven't got a moment to spare for the next week or so.  Could you please get back to me about this sometime next week.  It's a long, involved question you are posing and I don't know that I will be able to do it justice even then, but I will certainly give it my best shot when I have a bit more time.  

Thank you.


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I'm a reading specialist (K-12), have taught elementary school, all subjects, for 30 years - have extensive ESL experience although I'm not officially certified. I taught computer (Macs) to K-8 for 6 years. I have taken graduate level courses on The Writing Process and completed a course on writing books for children and teens. I have taught combined grades k-2, 1-2 and 2-3. I've taught in the US and abroad - I have worked in Libya, Morocca, Chad, Japan, headed up a school in Indonesia and am now the director of the American International School of Niamey, Niger - Africa.

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