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I'm doing a project about Belgium. I couldn't find anything about the capital resources Belgium produces and I was wondering if you could tell me.

Hallo Ana,
That is not an easy question.

We are not really "producers" like some other countries that produce (e.g.) lots of rice or corn or...

Our number 1 in terms of "a product" is actually knowledge!

We have many major companies that have local branches in Belgium.
Others things we are "big" in:
- the ports (we are located in the centre of Europe, lots of rivers).
- We have a big diamant centre (we are in the top 3 when it comes to diamant research/traits..)
- Maybe you have heard of FNC (its a company that produces guns), it has a good reputation and does major deals with other countries
- Food (in general, but more specific: Belgium chocolate!)
- Beer: we are known to be one of the best beer producers in the world.

I am not sure this is what you mean by "capital resources" , but this is for a big part what Belgium "produces".

We do not really have minerals or wood or argriculture products that we produce in big amounts.

I hope this helps?  


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