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I am a 26 year old bellydancer. I perform at private parties and other functions. Recently I got this beautiful costume that is a simple skirt and bra top combination. The costume however has a long slit on the side of one leg. The slit goes right up to the waist and as a result I am forced to wear a thong rather than my usual choice of conservative underwear. I have practiced wearing the costume and I have found that during certain movements my skirt tend to fly up. That is not a problem generally since the audience sees my long underwear but in this costume there are moments when my thong clad buttocks are on display and sometimes it even looks like I am not wearing any underwear at all. I love the costume and I feel very comfortable dancing in it. My question is is it appropriate to wear such a costume for a performance? I am a bit worried that some of the audience members might focus more on my costume than on my performance.

Marhaba! Hello Anwesha!
What a terrific question and may I also applaud you for being aware of how a "costume malfunction" or a Too-revealing costume choice may take away from your performance AND make your audience uncomfortable!!!
It is also Soooo important for all dancers to understand that exposing too much of the body gives the general public the wrong message about you and your art! Belly Dance, as I am sure you know, is a cultural dance meant to be family friendly!

So...ok...onto your issue...

There are MANY ways to easily solve the problem...the easiest solution is to pin or sew closed the skirt from mid-thigh to hip. If the gap is too wide and would make the skirt appear misshapen to do that, you could sew in a "modesty panel" made of same or contrasting color fabric, or chiffon! Something edgier would be to sew crisis-crossing ribbon to hold the edges together but still leave it a bit open for effect. Finally...wearing "boy shorts" in a similar or contrasting color is VERY "on trend" both in Egypt and America right now! It is ALWAYS preferable for the audience to know that you are wearing undergarments than for a flash of "cheek" to ruin the appreciation the audience has for your beautiful dancing!

I hope this helps with your costume dilemma! Keep dancing!

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