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Hello Nan,
I am a 59 year old, Caucasian, single male living in Tennessee U.S.A. I am searching to rent a super economical beach bungalow in Florida or the Carribbean area,(for the sake of cheaper airfare), for a couple of weeks or a month every year or so, during the worst of Winter weather...nothing fancy, just a hut or bungalow on or near the beach where I can relax, fish, read, and catch up on stuff and stay warm. I will be by myself. Not into night life, the club scene, or woman chasing. Just a simple, no frills or luxuries, primitive stay where I can get cheap eats, stay warm, and rest, but in a safe location.
I've found bungalows for low as $10.00/night on Corn Island, Nicaragua and beach bungalows in India for the same price, but I fear either getting robbed or the possibility of having someone plant drugs on me because they might dislike Americans, and then the nightmare or possibility of dealing with their legal systems and possibly a long prison stay.
Can you provide me with any recommendations or provide information on any links, books, etc. that would help me with what I have described above; preferrably in a country which utilizes a legal system as used in America?
I checked on airfares to some neat bungalows in Thailand but round trip would cost $1600.00. I think maybe Florida or the Carribbean area might be best economically.

Thank you greatly.

Mike E.

Hello Mike,

My expertise is Bermuda, which isn't in the Caribbean. In fact, it's just off the coast of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. About 650 miles to be more precise. Bermuda doesn't offer the type of accommodations you seek. While you won't find beach bungalows, you may find rentals near a beach; that doesn't follow your criteria.

Good luck!  Nan


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