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Beverages/J. Normandin - Mercier Grande Champagne with signed Certificate


Kostas Stathis wrote at 2011-04-27 17:24:00
Hello Nicole, I am sure that my entry is rather late - based on what you said the scheduled auctioned date was - but I decided to post it anyway. Based on the writing on the label, the bottle you have (although I do not have any photos of it) is the top Cognac produced by the small cognac firm of Normandin Mercier and one of the rarest and most difficult cognacs to purchase in general. It is a blend originating solely from the Grande Champagne region which is the top of the six crus in Cognacs and has matured for a minimum of 70 (yes, seventy!) years in oak barrels prior to bottling. I have personally tasted this cognac and can tell you it is simply magnificent! I believe Mr Wagner is correct in that it is still in production today and that its worth is therefore not much more than the current retail price; cognac does not mature in the bottle so its value does not increase with storage in glass; however, its current market price is quite a bit higher than Mr Wagner's estimate - in the 350 to 500 Euro range - so my guess is that this is a fair estimate of what this bottle's worth. The Tres Vieille Grande Champagne is in fact much more expensive than the XO since the latter is a much younger blend (about 30 to 35 years in the barrel). Again, this would be for a perfect bottle with cork and labels intact, a good spirit level etc. which I cannot possibly comment on since I have no pictures. I sincerely hope my comment does not come too late and you did manage to obtain a serious offer for this bottle to help your noble cause. Best regards, Kostas Stathis.

Cognac & Cotognata wrote at 2012-11-03 22:04:15
Well, this bottle is truly a top cognac.

The "Tres vieille Grande Champagne" cognac of Normandin - Mercier contains a blend of brandies which are from 1914 and older.

The bottle is still available in France and in other countries at no less than $700.

An auction should achieve easily $1000 or more.

I'm sorry the estimate mr. Wagner did is not correct.

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