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Hello Peter!  I found a very old bottle of whisky which is unopened.  It's most likely from the 80s, and it is labeled as aged 12 years.  I'm curious to know whether there is any chance it has gone bad.  I recently found out that with wine which is stored upright, the cork will eventually dry out and the seal will be destroyed thus oxidizing the wine and ruining it.  Are there similar issues with whisky?  Can whisky even go bad when exposed to oxygen?  Thanks!

One other comment, you are listed under Beer/Brewing-->Beverages, and there are no experts listed under Liquor-->Scotch.  It seems like you are in the wrong category.

hello dave,

whisky can be stored upright without a problem, only thing is that when there is space where vapor can escape it will be the alcohol to go first.
you can see this on the filling level from the bottle, normally this should be in the neck of the bottle.
the whisky will change in taste as the alcohol percentages drops.

whisky will not go as bad as wine but the taste will changes ones open to air for a long while.

regards peter


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