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I recently got an old bottle of Brandy from my father, who himself got it as a present several years ago.

I have absolutely no idea about the value of this bottle - or if it has any value at all. In case the bottle is something collectors might be interested in, I would be happy to give it up, as I rather enjoy my beverages on my palate than on a shelf.

The bottle is unopened and following details i deem relevant
- The label says Carlos I. Solera Especial. Pedro Domecq.
- I have the box
- online i saw some of these bottles wrapped in yellow plastic. My bottle however does not have this plastic foil.
- there is no year indicated, yet the label on the top says 4 PTAS
- the only (or biggest) problem is the label/seal/tax thing at the top - it is torn on one side: (picture 201).
- on the other side it is not torn but only attached at the top of the bottle and not on the glass (picture 200), also parts of this little paper thing is a bid looks a bit simply looks old.
- other than this label/seal, the bottle is in good condition as far as I can tell - all problems with the seal emerged from carelessness and not from opening.

I would be glad if you could advise me in this matter or give me a hint of who could.

In case you can help me with this, I would be happy to send you some pictures.

Thank you in advance,

Hi Leonard

I know this product well---it was the top of the line brand from Pedro Domecq for many years, including the 1970's when I lived in Spain.  That said,  distilled spirits like this are so high in alcohol that they don't change much, for better or for worse, once they are bottled.  The good news is that this is fine to drink.  The bad news is that it hasn't appreciated in value the way some fine wines do--and it doesn't really matter how old it is.  This is worth what a current bottling would be worth--not more than about $50-60US  max.

Hope that helps. I wish I had better news for you.

Paul Wagner


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