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HI Peter. I was given an old bottle of Buchanan's Black and White scotch. the cap is like a soda cap with a wire you have to twist to get off. one label says: BY APPOINTMENT TO HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN. The large label says bottled in Scotland by James Buchanan & Co. Limited.
The bottom of the bottle has: NB287....N28...UGB. I think the B's are B. or an 8.  Back label is triangle with the dogs.  It's never been open as far as I can tell but since I have the bottle a bit has evaporated. I would like to know the value and if there is anyone that would buy it. I would appreciate any knowledge you can share with me. Ann

Hi ann,

when a bottle starts to evaporate there is litlle you can do to stop this, as you write it is with a cliptop you can't twist it to close.
it also makes it very difficult to sell it as when you post it chance is there will be an empty bottle showing uo at the buyer.

the value, when you could sell it without shipping , is between the 125 and 175 US.

another destination is make it a piece to talk about as it is around 40 to 50 years old.



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