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Beverages/Old Vatted Glenlivet Scotch Dated 1862


1862 Old Vatted Glenlivet
1862 Old Vatted Glenli  

1862 Old Vatted Glenlivet
1862 Old Vatted Glenli  
Some 40+ years ago my father acquired two bottles of Old Vatted  Glenlivet Scotch Whiskey from an estate settlement on Long Island, New York in the US (see attached photos). The Labels are dated 1862, now 150 years old.

Can you estimate what value these might have at auction, and as such who could I contact in the USA?

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Thomas

It's a very complicated question.  First of all, distilled spirits like this are so high in alcohol that they don't change much, for better or for worse, over time in the bottle.  So the good news is that this stuff is perfectly good to drink. But that also means that this hasn't appreciated in value the way some fine wines do.  The liquid inside is very much like it was when it was bottled--and consequently not of great value on the market.  

But the bottles themselves may be worth far more than the Scotch.  I would contact the nice guys at to see what they have to say about this.  While the Scotch might fetch less than $100, the bottles could well sell for far more than that.

You might also check with a good auction house like Christie's or Butterfields.  They regularly sell such things, and could give you some solid estimates.

It is illegal for US citizens to sell alcohol directly, so you'd have to go through a retailer or auction house---and that means paying a significant commission.

Hope that helps

Paul Wagner  


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