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I found an unopened bottle of seagram rye whisky with a stamp on the top which certifies it is manufactured in the year 1913- the bottle is wrapped in a thick paper and is labeled  the quebec liquor commission. I have not removed the covering to actually view the bottle label beneath it. The back of this paper covering is in French and English and describes the registered watermark. I am not a collector but found this bottle amongst some things my father had saved. I wonder if it has any value and if it would be worth my time to see that it found a new home. I appreciate your time and advice

hello kathryn,

It has a value especially for a collector.
I have some bottle's from this time period, unfortunately there not worth what you would expect from something that's a 100 years old.

I would say the value lies between 150 to 200 us but of course a collector could offer more.

hope this helps you



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