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hi mr wagner im trying to find out if this bottle of whiskey has value I think its from 1965 everything is all sealed even the tax stamp is intact.This belonged to and old friend that had a case of this givin to him in the 1960s.he decided last year to open the case and give away the bottles to a few of us. now these bottles have been sitting in a dark closet for neary 50 years as I look there doesn't seem to be any sediment floating around just the nice copper color.Now one of the guys took his bottle to a nearby liquer store and the man there said the bottle could be worth about $400.00 im not sure what do you think? I would like to send photos if it would help. thanks

Hi David

This is an odd one.  Normally, I tell people that distilled products like this are so high in alcohol that they don't change much, for better or for worse, once they go in the bottle.  And that means that while this is still fine to drink, it won't have appreciated the way some fine wines do.  You can still buy Bellows Partners Choice at a few liquor stores for under $25, and I think most connoisseurs would hesitate to pay a lot more for your bottle.

But the bottle itself, with the older label, might well be collectible. And that's what makes this more interesting.  I've seen an older bottle of this offered at over $400---but it hasn't sold, so I wonder exactly how much it is really worth. I'm an expert on drinks, not bottles, but if you contact the nice people at, they'll let you know if you have a real treasure here or not.    

If not, you still have a perfectly nice bottle of hooch!

Hope that helps

Paul Wagner  


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