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I have recently acquired 2 unopened bottles of Chivas Royal Salute Scotch. One in the blue flagon 750ml Wade, England on bottom and the other the green flagon 750ml Slide, England on the bottom. Seals are intact on each and both are in velvet bags of the same colours in their boxes. My guess is they are old but unsure how to tell approx age of the bottles I have. I do recall that whiskey doesn't age past what it is when bottled but am curious about these two I have. Were they bottled past 1953 when originally done to commemorate the coordination of Queen Elizabeth? Look forward to your insight on this.

hello Kimberly,

The whisky inside is at least 21yo, it stays that old and does not age in the bottle.
they were presented after 1953 upon today you can still buy these for approx 125 USD.
It is difficult to say from what time you're bottle's are but it is a nice a whiskey to drink.

regards peter


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