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Hi, I need to know history and actual Price about this ítem.

Cognac V.S.
Grande Fine Cognac
Cognac Salignac
[L. de Salignac]
[Maison fondee en 1809]
[Imported by Maidstone Importers. Los Angeles CA]
[ Salignac & Cie]
[16200 Jarnac France]
750 ml
[Produced and Bottled in France]
[ 40% Alcohol]

--- Product of France
V.S., Very Special. Most Cognacs are blended or, as we french say, "Married" after they´re aged. But at Salignac, we marry our Young cognacs before aging. Their years of intermingling in oakens casks allow time to perform its maturing miracle. Taste our secret: The longer the marriage, the mellower the cognac.
[Sincé 1809]
---Bar code: 0/85209/12385

That´s all the stickers on the bottle.
Bottle sealed with paraffin or candle?

I could not find any date about production or bottled.

It was a present for me at 1984
it has at least 30 years.

I have pictures if you need them.

Hi Hugo

Salignac is owned by Courvoissier, and is a Cognac that is bottled younger and fresher than most Cognacs.  This means that some of the color and flavor come from added caramel, rather than from longer aging in the barrel.  They are not very expensive, selling in the US for about $25 a bottle, but they have a good reputation for value.

Distilled spirits like this Cognac are so high in alcohol that they don't change much, for better or for worse, once they are in the bottle.  The good news is that this one should be perfectly good to drink.  The bad news is that it won't have appreciated in value the way some fine wines do.  It's worth about the same as a current bottling: $25 or so.

If it were mine, I would drink it up, or share it with someone who enjoys Cognac.

I am sorry that I can't give you more exciting news.

Paul Wagner  


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