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1.  I have a bottle of Dom Perignon vintage 1986 that was given to me.  Assuming that it was stored properly could you please give me its value?

2. I recently bought at an estate sale for $1.00 a bottle of William & Humbert Dry Sack Sherry.  98% of the label is gone but on the bottom of the bottle it reads William & Humbert; Jerez; 0.751; 13  80.  The only part of the label left reads Julius Wile Sons & Co.Inc., New Hyde Park, N.Y.; Sole Agents for the U.S.A.  On the shoulder of the bottle in a 6 sided circle it reads W & H 1877 On the opposite side William & Humbert is written out.  The seal on the bottle is intact. and I can see that the bottle is still full.  

Could you please provide me with a value if any, and is it drinkable.

Thanks in advance,

HI Donald

You have a couple of interesting bottles here...

The Dom Perignon is lovely stuff, but even the best Champagnes begin to show their age after about 25 years, and this one is now moving on past that point.  It will appeal to a small portion of the market--those who like aged bubblies--and it will be difficult to certify the quality of your storage conditions---even a few days in bad storage would have a big impact on this wine now.  So I would estimate the value somewhere between $150 and $300 for this bottle, depending on your market.

The Sherry is a different story altother.  SHerries just don't see to be very collectible, and unless they are truly remarkable they just don't attract much attention.  THe irony here is that this one should be quite delicious.  But I doubt you could sell it for much more than $50, and maybe far less

Please note that it is illegal for private citizens to sell alcoholic beverages in the USA, so you'd have to work through a licensed auction house or retailer to sell these.  And either way, a large part of the price would go to their commission.

My advice?  Have a few good friends over, chill down the Dom Perignon, and have some fun. And when it is gone, open up the Sherry and have it for dessert!

Paul Wagner  


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