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I have an empty grand marnier bottle I saved for many yrs.  I got
it from a restaurant in Las Vegas.  It has a circle in middle that says Marnier-Lapostolle with a little round symbol in middle. Its completely decorated with leaves, pumpkin, grapes, flower all around bottle.  Its beautiful.  The back of bottle says Manufactured and bottled by Marnier-Lapostolle Paris-France.
Also says Sole US agents Carillon Importers LTD Teaneck, New Jersey, its like a label put on back, not embossed.

Just wondered if any value on this. Thank You. Jeannette Murphy

Hi Jeanette

In general, these are not very collectible.  For some reason, old bourbon and Scotch decanter bottles are collectible, but liqueurs don't seem to fall into the same category.

But I am an amateur when it comes to bottle collecting, and there are professionals:  The guys at  And they are pretty good about answering questions.

Post your question on their website, and you will get the latest info from the people who know the most!

hope that helps

Paul Wagner


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