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Hennessy Seal
Hennessy Seal  
Hennessy Bottle
Hennessy Bottle  
QUESTION: Hello...
My Uncle is looking for the value of this...possibly to sell.
Can you help me figure out it's worth? Bottle marked underneath 1941.
Thank you for your time!!

ANSWER: Hi Deelight

This is a nice bottle of Cognac.  It was not made in 1941, because they didn't start using the term Bras Arme until about 1960.  Before that, it was simply identified by three stars on the label.  For a few years, they left the three stars on the label along with the term Bras Arme....then from about 1963 to 1980, the package was what you have here.  

After 1980, they came out with VS and other designations....

I've seen these bottles for sale on ebay and other sites for about $70 or a bit more. They are not considerable very collectible by connoisseurs, so I think that's about what you can expect from this bottle.

Or you could open it and enjoy it---knowing that has seen at least 35 years of history!

Hope that helps.  Sorry that I can't give you more exciting news.

Paul Wagner

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Bottle Bottom
Bottle Bottom  
QUESTION: Oh... Thank you. Well then what is the under marking? I thought it was a year! See Attached photo.

Hi Deelight

The markings on the glass bottle itself were almost certainly put there by the glass company as a quality control tracking number.  They may refer to a specific lot number, Julian date of manufacture, etc.  They weren't part of the Hennessy numbering system, but the glass company's.  

For example, this could be from glass machine #19 and made on the 41st day of the year...or something similarly complicated.

Paul Wagner  


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