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Ken wrote at 2011-01-26 00:05:14
Hi Joe,  Your not going to believe this but I have the same ,(or very similar bottle of Trocadero rum ) that you have. It was part of  collection of bottles (mainly minitures) that my uncle had. for some reason I took this bottle to research although it really doesn't stand out from the rest. Perhaps you can tell me if you ever found out anything about it.  

Jim Donohue wrote at 2011-07-03 11:54:08
Hello, I was in Havana in the summer of 1959 just after Castro took over.

My two buddies and I visited the distillery where Trocadero was produced.

When Castro  announced he was a Commie he nationalized all private industry,

and probably that was the end of Cuba's rum exports, including Bacardi,

The Bacardi Family lost everything and are now Headquartered  in Bermuda.

We brought Trocadero Rum home with us & enjoyed it, I wish I still had that old

bottle to remind me of those "GOOD OLE DAYS"      Enjoy Jim D.

Seasidebumette wrote at 2013-10-06 02:07:40
Trocadero Rum

No useful information can be found about this pre-revolution distillery, other than various pieces of advertising material,

three of which can be seen below. The rum was probably renamed and the distillery seized and nationalised like the majority

of the others after the revolution.

They do appear to have produced a Rum Superior, Elixir, Banana Rum, Trocadero 1900 Rum, Old Havan Rum 1888 and a

Pineapple Rum amongst others. Tours were available for visiting tourists, and it appears to have been a popular tourist

destination pre-1960, which is not surprising when you look at the ammount of samples on the tables in the photo shown


The Trocadero Rum Distillery Havana, Cuba 1940's.


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