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Crystal wrote at 2016-08-19 11:10:10
Cindy Walsh's sister Sheila died from breast cancer (mentioned in "It's Only a Test"). It was also implied that Brenda had several dogs that had died or put down due to her not being the best caretaker (episode "Spring Training"). Near the end of S10, unknown surfer died in surfing accident, Kelly thought it was Dylan at first because he surfed in that area and she could not establish contact with him for hours on end.

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Hey! I am one of the biggest Beverly Hills 90210 fans ever. I watch the show every day and consider myself an expert. I know the characters and plots of seasons 1-10 better than I know myself! I can answer any questions from these seasons. I also own them all on DVD and can answer any questions that go along with that. Please don't ask me questions about song names in the show - they are impossible to find. Hope I can help!


I started watching Beverly Hills 90210 a few years ago and became thoroughly addicted. I watch the show whenever it is on television and I own all the box sets. I have done copious amounts of research and I know I will be able to answer your questions.


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