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Beverly Hills 90210/season 2 - chuckies back!! episode


ctennis wrote at 2009-11-15 03:14:32
What was the name of the song that was on the DVD versoin when Steve is getting on the bus? I cannot find it anywhere and I really liked it

Jenn wrote at 2013-03-13 13:55:07
You are right, it is the song 2000 miles by the Pretenders.

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Hey! I am one of the biggest Beverly Hills 90210 fans ever. I watch the show every day and consider myself an expert. I know the characters and plots of seasons 1-10 better than I know myself! I can answer any questions from these seasons. I also own them all on DVD and can answer any questions that go along with that. Please don't ask me questions about song names in the show - they are impossible to find. Hope I can help!


I started watching Beverly Hills 90210 a few years ago and became thoroughly addicted. I watch the show whenever it is on television and I own all the box sets. I have done copious amounts of research and I know I will be able to answer your questions.


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