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Beverly Hills 90210/recurring slow song played in episodes.


Theres this slow song thats always being played... a woman sings it and I belive some of the lyrics are "Make it easy on my heart" or "Take it easy on my heart! I'm watching season 5 episode 4 (Life after Death) When Donna's slow dancing with that guy its playing. Its been played many other times in previous other seasons but for the life of me I cant find it! PLEASE HELP...Thanks!

Hey there,

I apologize for the delay in answering your question, however I think the song you're looking for may be from the DVD version of the series.  

I was able to find the original episode you referred to here:

I've watched and rewatched the scene you mentioned with Griffin and Donna dancing and the song playing in the background seems to be a male singer and I didn't hear the same lyrics you had mentioned.  Can you please look at the link above and confirm that this is the song you're looking for or even link to another episode online where you hear the same music?  If it is completely different then the link above then it will be from the DVD's and this music is impossible to find so it seems.


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