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i understand that the music on the original episodes are different from the dvd box sets at the store. im watching the episode "the first time," and before i did, i saw a clip of it on YouTube. in the clip, the bottom right corner of the screen had a tv channel caption(TV Tropolis), so i figured it was the original episode aired. in this clip, the song played after cheryl and brandon sleep together is "in the mood". in the episode im watching from, the song is different. does this mean that the clip on youtube was the original and the one im watching is the dvd box set version? how can i tell if the episodes offered to watch online are the original episodes with the original music or the ones off the dvd box sets??

Hi Kayla,

I find that most of the original episodes and music seem to be forever burned into my brain so I can usually tell by the song that is playing for most clips I've seen online.  If I happen to stumble upon a scene I'm not 100% sure of based on the music then I look for other "clues" like for example, the TvTropolis sign you mentioned or any other network names are almost certainly going to be the original episodes as aired on tv.  Seeing no watermark at all usually points towards it being the DVD version unless someone cropped the network name off :)

If you're ever not sure, I could probably help you identify whether its the original aired episode or dvd version so feel free to hit me up for the info:)

Hope that helps:)


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